Your wedding day is certainly one of the most enchanted moments in your life, overflowing with love, happiness, and cherished memories that you will keep in your heart forever. When it comes to your big day, nothing can be more important than ensuring you look and feel glamorous and superb. There is such detail in those delicate strands of hair that frame your face, makeup that enhances your natural beauty and puts together the look that crowns your special day. 

However, among those soaring emotions and hectic activities, this special day brings its own share of beauty problems, which should not be neglected. Hiring the best bridal makeup artist Edinburgh will not solve all your problems. This guide will highlight the hair and makeup items every bride should bring along with her on her wedding day. Ranging from long-lasting blush to emergency kits, these items will ensure that you glow from the initial meet-and-greet to the end-of-the-night dance. Keep reading!

8 Essential Hair & Makeup Items Every Bride Needs in Their Wedding Day Kit

Undoubtedly, weddings are special. From the first glimmer of the ring to the kiss at the end of the night, every moment is captured by the photographer. To guarantee your bridal makeup and wedding hair Edinburgh is perfect throughout the day, you will need to have the following 8 essential hair and makeup items:

Blush and Bronzer

Blush tends to fade away very easily, so it is always safe to carry one for a last-minute touch-up! Rose or light pink blush adds a touch of color to your complexion, while bronzers subtly provide warmth and definition. To achieve a more natural-looking complexion, choose a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

Makeup Sponge

This is the ultimate professional tool for achieving a perfect finish. Dampen it slightly for effortless blending, or dab it with setting powder to achieve the perfect look. It will help you get a smoother makeup finish on your wedding day, especially during those magical moments. 

Setting Powder

Let setting powder be your finishing touch for a flawless bridal look. This essential makeup product adds a matte effect to your skin, keeping it shine-free and eliminating the need for reapplications. According to every bridal makeup artist Edinburgh, setting powders are a must-have in your kits. Apply it to the oily parts of your skin, then lightly brush it for perfect, long-lasting makeup that will stay put throughout the wedding celebrations.


A coat of mascara intensifies and thickens your lashes, ensuring your eyes stand out in all photos, but it also has an added benefit, as recommended by bridal hair stylist Edinburgh. Mascara helps tame any stray baby hairs.

Blotting Paper

If you have oily skin, bloating paper is a must. It is perfectly suitable for quick touch-ups, as it easily soaks up the greasy shine. Ensure that your skin is as dramatically matte as possible.

Hair Spray

Secure your wedding hair Edinburgh with some hair spray! This product is a must-have to make your hair look set all the time. As suggested by the best bridal hair stylist Edinburgh, you must always opt for a hairspray that sets your hair while maintaining its natural flow.

Hot Tools

Take your bridal hair Edinburgh up a notch. These styling devices allow you to achieve many different beautiful looks on your big day. Whether you want frizzy sides or sleek blowouts, the hot tools provide versatility to style your hair any way you desire. But do not forget to use a heat protection spray before use!

Nail Kit

A nail kit is a must-have piece of equipment for your wedding day, to sustain an incredible manicure. Select a particular nail polish color, a top coat for touch-ups, a nail filer for making it shaped, and a nail polish remover pad for fixing your nails without delay. Stay polished from your ceremony to your reception using these must-have essentials.

Makeup Fixing Spray

Makeup fixing spray is important for long-lasting makeup that lasts the whole day. Spraying a couple of times can put makeup in place to get a perfect look from a morning marriage vow to late dancing. Pick a strong formula that makes sure the perfect shine lasts for a hundred photos filled with tears of joy and endless happiness. 

Other Essentials 

Mishaps can happen at any time. It is always advisable to carry a first-aid or emergency kit. This kit should include general medicines, painkillers, and bandages. To avoid any kind of wardrobe malfunction, you can keep safety pins, clothing tapes, etc. 


Your wedding day is almost here, and you’re filled with excitement. Remember to keep your hair and makeup essentials handy for any last-minute touch-ups. Trust professional makeup artists on your big day and savor every moment of this special occasion!

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