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Transform Your Look with Hair Extensions: Edinburgh's Top Styling Trends

Transforming your hair with hair extensions is one of the most sought-after trends. Hair transformation can change your overall look by adding versatility due to varying colours, length, and volume to your hair. Transforming your look with hair extensions redefines your style and portrays your uniqueness. This blog will give a few insights into how you can achieve a stunning look with hair extensions in Edinburgh, a fashion-forward city with dynamic individual styles. You must consider various factors before you transform yourself with hair extensions. 

Factors to be considered

Let’s know about some of the factors that will help you choose the right hair extensions in Edinburgh to simplify your transformation journey: 

Selecting the correct type of hair extensions: 

  • Clip-in extensions: These are temporary and can be attached and removed by ourselves at home. Putting these on is as simple as attaching a hair clip. 
  • Fusion or bonded extensions: Professionals use a heat-activated adhesive to connect your natural hair to the extensions. 
  • Sew-in or weave extensions: Professional stylists sew these to your natural hair for a long-term transformation. 
  • Tape-in-extensions: These extensions are attached to your original hair using adhesive tape. These are semi-permanent and are more natural-looking than the clip-in extensions. 

Right Colour choice: 

Ensure that the hair extension’s colour matches your overall look and original hair colour. 

  • Colours that blend well with your skin tone and look natural or add to the beauty of your original hair must be preferred. 
  • Consulting professionals is a good idea as they have a better understanding of varied hair colours and know some of the perfect matches. 
  • Even multiple hair colour extensions can go well with the looks of some people. These custom blendings may help enhance your natural hair shade. 
  • Many brands offer various colours to choose from. Thus, considering swatches from different options, one must choose their hair extensions’ colour wisely. 
  • Dying extensions are also possible if you require some shade that is not available. 

Texture match: Make sure that your hair and the hair extensions Edinburgh’s textures are the same to maintain an overall consistent texture. Different individuals have varied hair textures. Hair can be straight, curly, wavy, or coily (spiral-shaped) from the external appearance. They can also be distinguished based on being fine, medium, coarse, or with mixed textures. Thus, check out the natural texture of your hair before attaching extensions. 

Consulting the best professionals for installation: Except for clip-in extensions, everyone must consult a professional stylist to install hair extensions in Edinburgh. Edinburgh boasts a variety of salons and stylists experienced in extension installation to ensure your hair looks its best. The way of installation matters as: 

  • They must be attached so that they look like a part of your natural hair and are not weirdly distinguished. These professionals ensure that your hair colour, texture, and style are well-blended for a flawless finish. Thus, these professionals can accurately install the extensions. 
  • Professionals ensure that the installation causes minimal or no damage to your hair. If extensions are too heavy, they may lead to hair breakage, thinning, or even bald spots in certain cases. 
  • Longevity of Extensions: Properly installing hair extensions ensures that they will be intact for a long period and will have minimal chances of slipping off or becoming loose. 
  • Maintenance Advice: Professional stylists can provide guidance on how to care for and maintain your extensions for a longer time. They can guide you regarding the various techniques of washing, detangling, and regularly maintaining hair. 

Hair Extension Edinburgh Styling 

After getting an overall view of the way of attaching hair extensions worldwide, let’s dive deep into the style of Edinburgh:


  • Many people in Edinburgh choose natural-looking hair extensions that add a subtle but stylish look to the hair. This adds the required volume and thickness to their hair so that they can develop inner confidence and show off their style quotient. 
  • Most people in Edinburgh opt for Balayage and Ombre hair extensions as these provide a sunkissed, gradient effect that looks as if adding depth and volume to the hair. 
  • People in Edinburgh choose braided looks after getting their extensions done. These braid styling techniques like fishtail, french, crown, crochet and French braids are in trend in Edinburgh as these not only enhance the facial look but also give a longer look to the hair, which is a dream of many. 
  • Edinburgh, known for its eco-conscious culture, embraced sustainable and ethically sourced hair extensions. Many salons offered options that prioritised ethical and environmentally friendly practices for hair extension installation. 
  • The residents of Edinburgh continuously update their style based on the latest trends and are never left out. Currently, they are inclined more towards natural-looking hair extensions, while some go for varied coloured hair, including highlights, pastel colour shades or bright rainbow-coloured extensions. These varied colours display the adventurous knack in younger generations.

 Summing Up:

Transforming your look with hair extensions in Edinburgh is an exciting journey that can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. A city with a fashion-forward culture, Edinburgh welcomes all kinds of styling trends happily and wholeheartedly. The top stylists in this city will ensure that you nail your new look and style. Make the best choices with the best in the town to rock your look. Considering the above factors and making wise choices, you can add your own vibrant style to this ever-evolving city and walk down the streets in style and confidence!

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