The big day countdown gets you on a devoted skincare routine. For the bridal glow to rule the day, you need healthy, plump, and hydrated skin. This way, the bridal makeup artist Edinburgh’s akeup easily blends with your skin. Use tons of sunscreen and add organic juices to your diet for your natural glow to pull through. Now that the prep is out of the way let’s get to the juicy part of the wedding day. Read on to embody the out-of-a-fairy-tale look of a bride.

Apply your makeup like a queen

If you’ve pinned your wedding mid-summer, make sure you apply sweat-proof and minimal makeup. A winter look will lean towards a heavy start with a moisturizer, whereas a rainy one will call for loose powder fused with a liquid foundation. The wedding hair and makeup Edinburgh experts follow this routine:

Vitamin A, C, & E: Start with your moisturizer, serum, and natural skin-nourishing elements from your skincare pile. Doing so gives you a glowy base to start. Try leaning towards a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid.

Season-based look: Your makeup density and approach will vary according to the season your wedding is in. For instance, a summer look is luminous with a nude palette. The bridal makeup artist Edinburgh will guide you down the right path, or in wedding terms, the right aisle.

Primer: Next comes the primer smudged on your T-zone. The right primer for you deep-seats the foundation, adds a natural glow, and lasts long.

Face tint: Choose a face tint to help highlight the perks of your skincare routine. It effectively replaces the foundation and enhances your makeup.

A defining touch: Fill your brows with a metallic swish of the brush. Smudge some mascara on those luscious lashes. Complete the look with a rosy blush and lip tint.

Draw attention to your best features

The best wedding hair and makeup Edinburgh artists come to enhance your best features. It is your comfort and reaction they put on a pedestal. Let’s see below how these angels are your perfect guardians on the big day:

Choosing long-lasting makeup: Good makeup artwork rids you of all worries that it is falling off. A lightweight and hydrating moisturizer contributes to long-lasting makeup. Great artists guarantee this with the unwavering products they come with. 

Coddling your eyes: If you want to make a jaw-dropping entrance, give your eyes some special attention. After all, they are one of the first things they notice. A plethora of products like eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara work hand-in-hand here. Create a fusion of neutral and glittering eyeshadow, and consider using fake lashes for the mascara to pull its potential.

Elevating brows: Go a step further and shape your brows beforehand. Use a brow gel to hold the eyebrow pencil’s efforts together throughout the ceremony. 

Preserve your natural flush: Undertones of pink and peach blushes create a mesmerizing effect. A long-lasting blush cream donned on your cheekbones in upward and downward sweeps of the brush wraps up your makeup rather subtly.

Lock it all in: How so, you may ask? The professional bridal makeup artists Edinburgh use a setting spray to make it all stay in place. If you’re going solo at your wedding look, create a few inches of space between the spray and your face. This way, it targets all areas of the foundation and locks it in.

Resolving the Great Hairstyle Dilemma

As for your hair, make sure the wedding dress is finalized before you step into this domain. Your hairdo is meant to compliment your dress’s neckline. To put it simply, a low neckline flourishes with hair-down or half-up, whereas a higher one shines with an updo. Leave these logistics to your wedding hair stylist Edinburgh and see them unfurl magic. Skim through the factors your hairstyle depends on

Wrapping up

Meeting your hair stylists and makeup artists on the day of your wedding can go south. You want and deserve someone who puts in effort and time while you’re freaking out the details of your dress, the seating arrangement, and flowers. 

The wedding hair and makeup Edinburgh professionals at The Bride Side meet you halfway in perfecting your look. They work long hours days before the big day, so everything falls into place when the time comes. Book an artist today to crack into the best deals!

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