Your wedding day is a splendid canvas of memories, emotions, and, let’s not forget, a flurry of activities. From the early morning photo shoots to the evening’s last dance, every bride dreams of looking her absolute best throughout the day. But how do you keep your hairstyle looking fresh and fabulous with such a tight schedule? Fear not, for we’ve compiled some ingenious quick bridal hair re-style ideas that ensure you look stunningly beautiful at every moment of your big day with the help of a bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh.

Tips for Quick Bridal Hair Re-Styles

Your wedding hair in Edinburgh stylist is supposed to be able to last the whole day with all its activities lined up. With just a few minor changes, you can have yourself going from a formal updo to a romantic, flowing style or a playful look for dancing. Here are a few tips for your quick re-styles by bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh:

Tip 1: Use Hair Accessories to Accessorize

While there are other quick bridal hairstyles, hair accessories are versatile and simple. Decorative hair combs, glittery hairpins, or delicate floral accents can be added to your half-up style or updo to give it a new look. They allow one to change their appearance easily by adding and removing them.

Tip 2: For a romantic feel, loosen an Updo.

For those who started with an elegant updo, the idea of gently loosening some hair around the face might sound interesting. This can simply be achieved by removing a few tendrils that frame the face or letting some curls out of your styled hair.

Tip 3: Textured waves should be embraced

Textured waves are ideal for brides who want a more laid-back and effortless look. If you wear an updo or sleek style in the morning, you can create textured waves by letting down your hair and applying texturizing spray or little drops of hair serum to make tousled beachy waves.

Tip 4: To add volume, use a teasing comb

If you realize during the day that your hairstyle is going flat or losing its volume, get yourself a teasing comb quickly. This will effectively boost the roots so that more air gets into them, making them fuller and giving life back to your bridal hairstyle.

Tip 5: Half-Up, Half-Down Style It

Half-up, half-down hairstyles give you options when transitioning from a formal ceremony to a livelier reception. Start with your entire hair down, then braid the top section into a loose up-do-like braid while the rest flows over shoulder points.

Tip 6: Vines Or Headpieces Can Be Incorporated in The Hairstyle

Vines and headpieces are perfect examples of quick re-styles that are both beautiful and functional. They allow one to easily change their appearance by adding and removing them.

Tip 7: Extensions Can Be Included in The Hair for Length or Volume

To make a drastic change, consider clip-in hair extensions. These temporary extensions can add length and volume instantly, instantly transforming your bridal hairstyle into a glam Hollywood stroll-after-party look for your reception or even day two at the beach.

Tip 8: Apply Dry Shampoo and Hold with Hairspray

When it comes to quick re-styles, dry shampoo, and hairspray have powerful powers that cannot be ignored. Dry shampoo will revive an oily or flat-looking root, while light misting of hairspray will help control those unwanted flyaways all day long.

Tip 9: Think About Hiring A Hair Stylist for Touch Ups On Your Wedding Day

A wedding-day budget should include the cost of hiring a local hair stylist, who can be handy for touch-ups during the occasion. This is especially good if you will be having complicated hairstyles or want to change looks throughout the day.

Tip 10: Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, before your big day, rehearse these quick re-style concepts with your hairstylist or any trusted friend nearby. Not only does this familiarize you with techniques, but it also ensures that there are no visible signs between transitions when doing re-styles on a real day.

Tip 11: Emergency Kit Essentials

On your big day, it’s wise to have an emergency kit for your hair. This kit can include bobby pins, hair ties, a mini hairspray, and even a small comb or brush. It’s like having a hairstylist in your purse!

Your Turn to Shine

Now that you’ve got these quick and easy bridal hair re-style ideas, we encourage you to play, practice, and even innovate. Speak with your hairstylist about incorporating these quick changes into your wedding day plan. And if you discover a new trick or two, share them with us! After all, every bride deserves to feel uniquely beautiful from the first kiss to the last dance.

At The Bride Side, we understand your wedding day is an emotional roller-coaster and a very busy schedule. Hence, your hair needs to match the pace. Our bridal hair stylist in Edinburg remodeling services ensure that you never have to be concerned with dullness or loss of shape in your hairstyle. Throughout your big day, our creative hair designers are always there for you and can easily turn things around. Visit our website to book your bridal hair styling services today. 

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