All of us love looking dreamy or a stunner with flawless makeup and hair. Seeking help from professional makeup artists and hairstylists allows you to have less pressure and relax while you get prepared. Preparing for a hair and makeup appointment can be a thrilling revel in, whether you are getting geared up for a unique occasion or sincerely need to treat yourself to a day of pampering. 

Knowing how to prepare for your appointment properly can ensure that you get the results you want and get the most from your experience. From selecting the right look to ensuring an easy and exciting reveal, the right practice can make all the distinctions. A hair and makeup appointment will be easy and leave you feeling assured and delightful. 

Tips to prepare for hair and makeup appointments

Are you worried about your upcoming hair and makeup appointment? Here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for a stress-free appointment.

Research and collect reference 

The make-up and hairstyle that you get done need to be in coordination with the kind of event or function that you are going to attend. You can’t opt for an ultra-glam look for a very formal event. You can’t opt for a party to look at your wedding. Have an idea of what the event is and what theme you are supposed to adhere to. Do thorough research on what kind of makeup you want. Understand the shape of your face and choose the make-up accordingly. If you have a rounder face, look for references for makeup and hair that can make your face less rounder.

The kind of hairstyle you opt for has a great influence on the overall look. Choose a hairstyle that best complements your outfit and makeup. You could hop on Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr for inspiration and references. Having the references in hand can help you deliver the idea you have in mind properly with a bridal makeup artist or a bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh.

CTM skin prepping and hair care

The CTM routine, or Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine, is the most basic routine you can follow for flawless skin. Flawless and well-maintained skin acts as the base of well-done facial makeup. Make sure to follow this routine genuinely. 

Plus, use a layer of sunscreen after moisturizing to prevent tanning. Try exfoliating your skin with a suitable exfoliant 1-3 times a week. On the day before the appointment, exfoliate and moisturize your skin additionally. A gentle ice massage before the appointment can work marvels on the skin.

The key factor to achieving a desired hairstyle is basically that your scalp should be free from oil. Make sure to have your hair washed and cleaned properly. Double shampooing your hair a day prior can be very helpful. Ensure that your hair is tangle-free. If you have textured hair, you can consider keeping your protectant hair product in hand for the appointment. Ensure that your hair is well dried before you reach for the appointment for wedding hair in Edinburgh.

Choosing accessories and additional

The use of the right kind of accessories can elevate the overall outlook. So it would be ideal that you choose accessories accordingly before the appointment. For hair accessories, consider keeping multiple options in hand. If you are planning to have fake lashes, get guidance from your artist about which type of lashes would suit you the best. Contact lenses can give a transformative appearance to the face. So, while choosing one for your makeup look, make sure that it suits your iris color well. opt for brands that don’t irritate your eye. 

Apart from these, when choosing jewelry or other accessories, make sure that its base color suits your skin well. Gold jewelry best suits warm undertones, while silver best suits cool undertones. Those with a neutral undertone would look good in both. Rose gold is a great option for both warm and neutral undertones. Don’t opt for too many accessories or jewelry, but choose a few that stand out.

Clothing during makeup

Makeup and hairstyle that you choose are often in rhythm with your outfit. However, to get the makeup and hair done, it might take some time as well. Bridal makeup artist Edinburgh and bridal hair stylist Edinburgh always advise to wear loose fitting shirts or easily removable clothes while coming for the appointment. Such clothes or even a singlet top can be removed easily without smudging the makeup or ruining your well-done hair. it is best to change into your final outfit in the later stages of your make-up and hair getting done. Plan accordingly before arriving for the appointment.


Communicate properly with your stylist or makeup

 artist about what you precisely need in the overall outlook. This can help have a fruitful output. Furthermore, this can also create a certain level of comfort and relaxation for you to get the work done right. Enquire the precise details of the timing of the appointment and the location of the studio or salon. If you have ever previously experienced an allergic reaction or skin irritation from any cosmetic product, don’t forget to mention it to your makeup artist beforehand. This can help you avoid last-minute chaos. Also do not hesitate to ask for trials, if available. For wedding events, several bridal hair stylists in Edinburgh and bridal makeup artists in Edinburgh provide trials for brides.

Hassle-free Glamming Up

Makeup and hairstyling aren’t about adding color to your face or simply setting up hair in any way. They should be more about enhancing and accentuating the features. Simply applying a lighter tone than your actual skin tone would never elevate a face’s beauty. Rather than that, defining the features and using the correct tones of the makeup product can create a timelessly beautiful and elegant result.

Booking and choosing the right professional with expertise in the correct techniques can help you have a hassle-free appointment for make-up and bridal hair in Edinburgh. If you are in search of the best bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh and bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh, you are at the right place. We, at the Bride side, provide the most customer-friendly services for glamming up for your big day. Our team of expert artists and stylists are always thrilled to transform every individual to look stunning on their special occasions. Feel free to book an appointment with the best bridal makeup artist Edinburgh and bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh with us.

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