Highly Arched Eyebrows

Highly Arched Eyebrows: Understanding Shapes and Maintenance

Eyebrows can make or break a bridal look. With the right shape and arch, they act as a frame to accentuate your best features. Highly arched eyebrows have become a signature look sported by brides, models and celebrities alike for their drama and style. 

Achieving the right arch height, angle and thickness suited to your bone structure remains key to avoiding disastrous or overwhelming results. This blog helps decode common dilemmas faced by brides desiring the trendiest lifted-arched eyebrows for a striking transformation on their big day.

What Makes Eyebrows Highly Arched?

Highly arched eyebrows feature a pronounced curved peak with a long slope downwards towards the nose and tail end. They take a steeper inverted “V” shape, almost pointing towards the temples. The dramatic shapes make the eyes appear larger and more awake. When done right, highly arched eyebrows create a striking frame for the face.

The highly angled arches add definition and attitude compared to flatter, straighter brows. They draw attention upwards, highlighting the eyes. With enough arch, some have compared the look to Disney princesses or characters with constant excitement or surprise.

Which Face Shapes Suit Arched Eyebrows?

For hooded eyes, lifting the arches opens up eyes and makes them appear larger instantly. The following points can help you better understand which face shape looks the best with highly arched eyebrows: 

  • Oval Faces – The proportional balance of oval faces provides the perfect canvas for highly arched eyebrows. The dramatic angles complement the symmetry without overpowering other features.
  • Heart-shaped Faces – A heart-shaped face features a wide forehead and cheekbones that taper down to a pointed chin. Highly angled arches balance out the width on top beautifully.
  • Diamond-shaped Faces – Diamond faces with narrow cheekbones and a pointed chin also suit an arched brow. The shape helps widen the eyes and upper face for symmetry with the narrow lower face.
  • Round Faces – Those with full, round face shapes can benefit from the lifting effect of arches. The angles help elongate the appearance of roundness and highlight the eyes without overwhelming volume.
  • Square Faces – Adding highly arched eyebrows helps soften square jawlines and brings focus upwards with its peaks. But be careful not to extend the tail ends down too far.

But those with very round, square or wide faces should avoid such steep angles that overwhelm and look jarring. An expert bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh draws the ideal brow chart during trials, considering your canvas and desired impact.

Tweeze Caution – Evaluating Brow Ridge Prominence

The foundation technique for evaluating eyebrow shapes relies on studying the underlying bone structure. Run fingers gently on the brow ridge, the protruding forehead bone under the brows. 

  • A barely palpable ridge provides little support for dramatically angled arches.
  • With a subtle ridge, aim for soft rounded peaks rather than sharply peaked arches to complement flatness.
  • For a prominent brow bone protrusion, strongly arched brows beautifully echo the heightened structure, looking striking yet natural.
  • Angled arches on a proportionally recessed ridge may appear oddly detached rather than framed.

Creating Perfect Arches Eyebrow Mapping

Highly arched eyebrows require careful mapping compared to basic shapes. After cleaning stray hairs around your brow perimeter, the bridal makeup artist Edinburgh maps critical points. 

  • Mark the inner corner at the edge of your nostril, establishing the brow’s starting point and width.
  • Find the peak’s highest point by having the client look straight ahead – it should follow the centre of the pupil. This sets the crown of the arch.
  • Angle the tail end towards the outer edge of your iris as your eyes gaze sideways. This creates a flattering, lifted effect.
  • Tweeze only stray hairs outside the pencilled superior line to avoid over-plucking into unnatural thinness.
  • Shade darker pigment at the inner 2/3rds of the brow to accentuate the dramatic arch. Slowly taper into lighter, sparser strokes nearing the tail.
  • Extend your pencil point or brush strokes slightly above the brow hairs on extra prominent arches for exaggerated drama. Powder blurs any harsh pencil edges.

Maintenance Tips For High Arch Eyebrows

Consistent care keeps highly arched brows looking neat and framed.

  • Initially, maintain an arched shape every 3-4 weeks by trimming errant hairs with brow scissors or precision shavers.
  • At home, continue regular plucking, brushing and grooming. Brow serums with peptides and biotin can nourish hair follicles for thicker, healthier growth over time. Be patient through any growing-out phases to avoid over-tweezing into thinness.
  • Always tweeze along the direction of hair growth and not against it to minimise trauma to hair follicles.
  • Brush brows upwards daily before applying brow fillers to train hair to stay lifted and arched.

The Bottom Line 

Sculpting fashionable, highly arched eyebrows demands technical skill. Rely on an expert in wedding hair and makeup Edinburgh during initial shaping. When precisely executed on the proper bone structure and face shape, sharply arched brows create an incredibly flattering definition. Avoid overdoing it into offensive “villain brows”. Gracefully arched brows open up your eyes, enhance expressions beautifully and shave years off your face!

Looking your best on your special day is so important. The talented artists at The Bride Side understand how to shape and define brows for your facial features and wedding style. Let their experienced team help you put your best face forward with flawless makeup and perfectly arched brows. 

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