Heat Protectant for Hair

Heat Protectant for Hair: Crafting Your Own DIY Solution

Heat on your hair can leave it dry, damaged, and fried. But skipping the blowdryer or straightener isn’t always an option. The good news is that you can easily craft your heat protectant spray at home with just a few simple ingredients. 

A DIY heat protectant for hair helps shield hair from the damaging effects of hot tools. This allows you to style hair with heat while avoiding unnecessary breakage. Making your DIY heat protectant for hair at home is a viable and effective alternative, offering a natural, personalised approach to hair care. This blog explores why using a heat protectant is so important. We’ll also cover how to make your own using ingredients you likely already have at home.

Why Protect Your Hair from Heat?

Any time you expose your hair to heat tools like curling irons, straighteners, or blowdryers, you risk damage. 

The high heat applied can boil moisture out of the hair cuticle. 

  • This leaves strands dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. 
  • Heat can also disrupt hair protein bonds that give strands strength and elasticity. 

All this leads to a dry and lacklustre appearance of your hair. Herein lies the importance of a heat protectant for hair

  • It acts as a barrier between your hair and the heat, effectively minimising moisture loss, maintaining the structural integrity of your hair strands, and ensuring the hair remains hydrated and resilient. 
  • A good heat protectant also aids in preserving the natural keratin structures within your hair, keeping it strong and healthy.
  • Heat protectants also often contain additional ingredients that improve shine, smoothness, and manageability. 

Crafting Your Own DIY Heat Protectant for Hair

Creating your own heat protectant at home is cost-effective and allows you to use natural, hair-friendly ingredients. Here are 7 DIY solutions and simple steps to create them:

1. Aloe Vera and Water Solution

Ingredients: Pure aloe vera gel and distilled water.


  • Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel and distilled water in a spray bottle. 
  • Shake well before each use.
  • Apply to damp hair before heat styling.

The soothing gel from the aloe plant is around 95-99% water. This makes it an exceptional moisturiser and hydrator for hair. The remaining 1% contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, and more that nourish strands.

2. Argan Oil Spray

Ingredients: Argan oil and distilled water.


  • Add a few drops of argan oil to a cup of distilled water. 
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. 
  • Shake well and apply to hair before styling. 

These antioxidant-rich oils penetrate the hair cortex to reinforce and protect.

3. Lavender and Jojoba Oil Mist

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, and distilled water.


  • Combine a teaspoon of jojoba oil with a few drop of lavender essential oil in a cup of distilled water. 
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well. 
  • Spray lightly on damp hair before heat styling.

The jojoba oil provides heat protection, while lavender adds a soothing fragrance and additional scalp benefits.

4. Shea Butter and Olive Oil Blend

Ingredients: Shea butter and olive oil.


  • Melt a small amount of shea butter and mix it with an equal part of olive oil. 
  • Let the mixture cool and apply to hair for deep conditioning and heat protection.

5. Green Tea and Honey Spray

Ingredients: Green tea and honey.

Steps: Brew a strong green tea and add a teaspoon of honey. Once cooled, transfer to a spray bottle. This antioxidant-rich spray is perfect for protecting hair from heat damage.

6. Almond Oil and Vitamin E Serum

Ingredients: Almond oil and Vitamin E oil.


  • Combine a few drops of Vitamin E oil with almond oil. 
  • This serum not only protects from heat but also nourishes the hair.

7. Rosewater and Glycerin Mist

Ingredients: Rosewater and vegetable glycerin.


  • Mix a few tablespoons of glycerin with half a cup of rosewater. 
  • This mist is ideal for hydration and a natural barrier against heat.

Making your own heat protectant for hair at home can cater to the exact formula for your hair’s unique needs. You’ll also save money without skimping on quality ingredients that help safeguard strands. These easy-to-make recipes ensure that your hair remains protected, hydrated, and healthy, even with regular use of heat styling tools.

Expert Insights: Bridal Hair Stylist Edinburgh’s Perspective

Professional hair stylists, particularly those specialising in bridal hair Edinburgh, underscore the significance of heat protection, especially in the context of wedding preparations where extensive styling is often involved. These experts often advocate using natural, nourishing ingredients, citing their long-term benefits for hair health. Their endorsement of DIY solutions, especially for occasions as important as weddings, lends credibility to the effectiveness of these homemade alternatives.

Application and Hair Care Tips

The efficacy of your DIY heat protectant for hair hinges on its proper application. To ensure optimal results, consider these tips:

  • Always apply the protectant to damp hair. This not only aids in even distribution but also enhances absorption.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush to ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair.
  • Applying too much product can weigh down your hair and make it appear greasy.
  • Customise it to your hair type. Fine hair benefits from lighter oils like jojoba or grapeseed, while thick or curly hair needs richer coconut, olive, or argan oils.
  • Pay extra attention to fragile sections. Concentrate application along the hairline, part line, crown, and ends that see the most heat damage.

Final Word

A heat protectant for hair is an indispensable part of any hair care routine, particularly for those who frequently use heat styling tools. By crafting your own DIY solutions, you provide your hair with the best possible protection and benefit from these homemade recipes’ natural, nourishing ingredients. 

For those seeking further guidance and expertise in hair care, especially for special events like weddings, The Bride Side is an excellent resource, offering a wealth of information and professional services. Our expert bridal hair stylist Edinburgh will give you the best hair look for your special day! 

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