hair and makeup artist for wedding

Hair And Makeup Artist for Wedding

As a bride-to-be, you must be nervous about the big day. Besides it being such a significant day of your life, the pressure of being the centre of attraction is sure to make anybody think a hundred times about how they look. From vibrant sarees or lehengas to dazzling jewellery designs – everything adds to the charm of the beauty on your special day! To make sure everything on your wedding ensemble looks good, you can turn to a hair and makeup artist for wedding.

A lot of research and thought happens ahead of the wedding day. From finding the perfect venue and food caterers to selecting a photographer and entertainment artists, the bride remains busy.

However, there is one person you can completely rely on ahead of the events – a professional makeup artist. As you step into the next part of your life, this person will make you look like the most beautiful bride in the world. 

Importance of Hair and Makeup Artist

Wedding days are extremely hectic for all brides, including their family members. That is why a bridal hair and makeup artist is crucial in getting you ready for all the ceremonies. The makeup artist helps enhance your look and complement the outfit with the best quintessential makeup that suits the attire.

If you are still sceptical about hiring a hair and makeup artist for wedding, the following reasons must be sufficient to convince you!

The Perfect Sync

Your bridal makeup should make you look flawless and boost the look of your special outfit. Moreover, the eyeshadow and lipstick colour must synchronise with her attire. Trained and professional artists ensure that they create a perfect blend of makeup and colours to make you dazzle on your special day.

Makeup Trends

Not everyone may know the newest makeup trends because they keep changing regularly. However, a professional hair and makeup artist remains up-to-date about all the latest trends and provides brides with the option of choosing the perfect look for their wedding.

A Nice Hairdo

Hairstyle is one of the most significant parts of a bride’s look. An excellent hairdo helps enhance her beauty and complement her attire on the wedding day. However, there is no denying that hairstyles are a tricky procedure. Thus, who better than a professional hair stylist to help you achieve a style that perfectly frames your face and enhances your facial features?

The stylist can help determine the most fitting hairstyles and partings according to your face shape.

Long-Lasting Makeup

The last thing that you would want on your D-day is worn-off makeup! However, don’t worry; a professional hair and makeup artist for wedding is well-versed in the products required to give a perfect look to the bride. The artist also ensures that they apply high-quality and long-lasting makeup to the bride that gets perfectly blended and sustains the wedding.

How to Go About Choosing the Best Hair and Makeup Artists?

The big fat wedding day’s preparations can be nerve-wracking for you as a bride. That is why you must rely on a professional artist who can help you steal the limelight on the event.

If you are the next bride-to-be reading this blog, here is a list of tips you must follow when choosing a hair and makeup artist.

Get a Referral

Word of mouth is a reliable way to find an efficient professional makeup artist. You can seek advice from friends or family members who may have hired bridal makeup services or other beauty treatments from a stellar artist.

Finding a reliable makeup artist with great recommendations and excellent ratings is never too late!

Have Some Ideas

When considering options for bridal beauty, you can gather relevant pictures from magazines, newspapers, social media, or websites. It is okay not to know exactly what you want on the wedding day. However, having some ideas can help you initiate a conversation with the makeup artist regarding your hair and makeup expectations.

Check the Pricing and Timing

One of the most significant tasks for a bride is to ensure the artist’s availability ahead of the wedding day. It is also important to check whether the artist can accommodate the family members and bridesmaids, who will need professional makeup too! You must also analyse the pricing, timing, and number of artists needed for all events to avoid last-minute chaos.

Meet In-Person

There is no harm in meeting the makeup artist beforehand and seeking a trial. You can have an in-person meeting with the artist before confirming her booking. You can try out the makeup and discuss different products and references if offered a test run. This is also important for the artist to understand the bride’s needs and expectations.

Communicate Skin Concerns

Do allergies, pimples, or acne often irritate your skin? Does any particular makeup product or ingredient cause skin redness? You must provide relevant information to the makeup artist in advance to avoid any unwanted skin condition that may pop up during the wedding day and ruin it!

Brides-to-be are also recommended to get facials a month before the special event. It allows the residual irritation or other skin concerns to settle over time.

Choose the Best Hair and Makeup Artist for Wedding

Are you looking for the best professional hair and makeup artist for wedding? Look no more because The Bride Side is here for you! We work with a team of talented and professional artists who provide excellent bridal services for your D-Day.

You can rely on our services because our team of artists is highly qualified and provides the most efficient hair and makeup services to make you glow during your special day.

The most convenient part is that you do not have to travel far to access our professional services. We work with freelance artists who can easily travel to your wedding venue and complete your bridal look.

We provide hair and makeup services across the UK and in Edinburgh. You can also request international travel services if you choose to get married at your dream wedding destination. Then, why wait? Contact us if you are ready to ace your bridal look on the wedding day!

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