Imagine yourself stepping down the aisle on your wedding day dressed in timeless beauty. It’s as surreal as it gets when you walk gracefully, experiencing the incredible balance of flowy gowns with loosely curled hair and glowing skin. No wonder! Ethereal glamour is perfect for your dreamy and romantic wedding. 

Looking to give your beauty a rosy and soft look? We will share with you the tips and tricks to achieve the perfect blend of softness and sophistication in your bridal hair and makeup. 

Wedding Makeup and Hair: A Game changer

Wedding makeup and hair are not just about defining and enhancing features. It rather creates a timeless bridal look that will be cherished in photos for years to come. From choosing the right products to creating a flawless complexion, everything needs to be done with acute precision. That’s why it is way too crucial to find bridal makeup artist Edinburgh and bridal hair stylist Edinburgh. They will not only provide the right amount of guidance in glamming you up but also ensure that you look and feel the best at your wedding. 

Here is expert advice on how to enhance your features and bring out your inner glow so that you can emanate that ethereal beauty as you say, “I do.”

Hair Tips for Your Ethereal Bridal Look

Whether you choose a classic updo or loose waves, Wedding hair stylist Edinburgh Tips helps you achieve your desired look. From incorporating elegant accessories to ensuring that your hair stays in place, our advice will help you create a stunning hairdo that compliments your bridal ensemble perfectly. 

1. Soft-romantic Updos

To create a more casual look, consider soft-romantic updos. Tie your hair into a low, loose ponytail. Secure it with a tiny clear rubber band. Cover it with a thick lock of hair to hide the pin it holds. Divide the remaining ponytail into two sections. Tie them into a thick knot. Add pins from the back and apply hairspray to hold. Lastly, add that undone effect by crunching small hair sections. Create a knot to add texture and an effortless appeal.

2. Half Up Hairstyle 

The half-up knot hairstyle is perfect for the wedding day, adding a contemporary edge to your simplistic gown. 

Ensure you have clean and dry hair. Spritz your hair evenly with hair spray. Blow dry it while crunching with your fingertips, then add texture. Create a wave using a hair styling iron, starting a few inches from the root. Alternate the wave’s direction to give an undone look. 

Leave a few hair strands and take two pieces of hair from above the ears. Pull to the center back of the scalp, knotting twice, allowing strands to fall softly from the knot. Experiment with different textures and finishes, such as braids, twists, or even a messy bun. Spray again to secure and hold. Add delicate hair vine or ribbon to give an ethereal look. 

Makeup Tips: Glowing Beauty 

A glowing complexion is equally aisle perfect for getting that ethereal goddess bridal look. Here’s how you can effortlessly achieve that. 

For soft, glowing skin, apply a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Add a tinge of cream blush on the apple of your cheeks for that natural red flush. Finish off with a sweep of highlighter on the high points of your face to acquire that lit-from-within glow. Make sure you fix your makeup in place with a setting spray. 

For soft, romantic eyes, choose soft, neutral eyeshadows in shades of peach, rose or champagne. Apply a light wash of colour on the eyelids and blend it with a slightly darker shade. Line your eyes with brown or plum eyeliners for a more defined look. Apply a little stroke of mascara for fluttery eyelashes. Complete your look with a rosy or peachy lip colour for that soft, ethereal vibe. 

More Tips to Prepare Yourself Before D-day

1. Collecting Inspiration

Create a Pinterest board or collect some reference pictures to understand your preferences. The inspirations you collect will serve as a palette for customizing your wedding look.

2. Scheduling Makeup and Hair Trial

Perform trials before your big day. Doing so will ensure that the look you have opted for suits you well. You can even change your preferences if you don’t feel comfortable with the outcome so far.  

3. Skin prep

You should begin following skincare at least 3-6 months before the wedding. You can start off with sunscreen which is the very basic skincare. Based on your concerns, you could also seek professional help on what products to choose for your skin.

4. Considering theme

Ensure that your overall outlook follows the wedding theme. Make sure that the makeup, hair, and accessories complement your outfit. 

5. Beauty Sleep

Adequate, regular sleep can improve several facial features. For example, it can help avoid unwanted puffiness and dark circles.

6. Hydration

Focus on both internal and external hydration. Drinking a good amount of liquids and external hydration over a long interval of time can provide flawless and clear skin. It will give a smooth finish to your wedding makeup.

7. Hair care

Make sure you choose the correct hair products that suit your hair’s texture and scalp. Don’t wait until the last minute if you are planning to get any hair care treatments done. Wedding hair stylist Edinburgh recommends double shampooing your hair a day before the event to help you have an oil-free scalp. 

8. Choosing the right professionals

Seek services from beauty professionals for your wedding makeup and hair. Choosing a professional bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh and a bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh can help you ease the stress of looking outstanding on the big day.

Glam up with Experts

We understand that your ultimate aim as a bride is to have everything go smoothly and flawlessly including your makeup and hair. 

Overwhelming, right? Don’t worry! If you are confused about choosing professionals for wedding hair in Edinburgh and a bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh for your wedding day, you are at the right place.

We at the Bride side provide the best services for bridal makeup up and bridal hair in Edinburgh. Our expert makeup artists and hair stylists are passionate about making you look ethereal so that you can have a day filled with love, laughter and beauty that radiates from within. 

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