Bridal Beauty Trends

Bridal Beauty Trends in Edinburgh: What's In for Your Big Day


Naturally, when choosing to wed in the picturesque setting of Edinburgh, a bride desires to radiate beauty and confidence on her special occasion. The city’s scenic backdrops and iconic sites have long attracted couples seeking memorable backgrounds for their ceremony and photographs. 

Recent statistics from the National Records of Scotland indicate 2,870 marriages were registered in Edinburgh during 2022, a substantial 24.3% increase from the 2,309 weddings recorded the previous year. 

In this article, we’ll look at the most recent bridal beauty trends popular among Edinburgh brides. We’ll talk about the natural makeup looks of romantic hairstyles and spotlight the current trends seen at local weddings. Our objective through this article is to inspire you to create a stunning look that is entirely unique to you. Let’s take a peek at the top cosmetics and hair trends sweeping the Edinburgh wedding scene right now. 

Bridal Makeup Trends

Natural makeup looks Many bridal makeup artists in Edinburgh opt for natural makeup looks that enhance their features without looking too heavy or overdone. This trend is all about creating a flawless base and using subtle shades of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to create a fresh and radiant look. 

Bold lips:

For brides seeking to make a vivid impression on their wedding day, boldly hued lip colours are gaining favour alongside more minimal makeup styles. Shades of red, berry, and rich plum offer brides wishing to incorporate an eye-catching splash of chroma into their appearance. Those selecting one of these saturated lip tints purposefully opt for a look that pops in photographs and turns heads rather than blending in with more subtle cosmetic palettes. Wedding parties now regularly include brides who choose to craft striking looks through vivid lip washes that complement their features and preferences for a stand-out aesthetic on their special occasion. 

Glowing skin:

Another popular trend in bridal makeup is creating a glowing, dewy complexion. This look is achieved by using a highlighter on the high points of the face, such as the cheekbones and brow bones, and using a hydrating foundation or tinted moisturiser to create a luminous finish. 

Smokey eyes:

Smokey eyes are a classic bridal makeup look that never goes out of style. In Edinburgh, many brides opt for a subtle smokey eye that uses neutral shades like taupe, brown, and grey to create a soft and romantic look. 

Hair and makeup packages:

Numerous beauty professionals based in Edinburgh provide inclusive bundles covering both hair and cosmetics preparation for brides. These combined packages can streamline wedding planning through a single arrangement. Services usually encompass an initial demonstration allowing feedback, followed by on-location styling services on the wedding date. This comprehensive approach guarantees client satisfaction through practice and adjustments before the main event. Brides benefit from simplified coordination and potential savings over separate vendors by consolidating these complementary beauty elements into one coordinated offering handled by a single expert or team. The goal is a seamless presentation addressing all visual elements to help the bride radiate confidence on her special day. 

Bridal Hairstyle Trends:

Braids, plaits, and twists:

Braids, plaits, and twists are popular hairstyles among brides and their wedding party in Edinburgh. These hairstyles can be incorporated into updos or left loose for a more relaxed look. 

Classic styles:

Classic hairstyles like chignons, buns, and half-up, half-down styles are also popular among bridal hair stylist in Edinburgh. These timeless styles can be customised to suit different hair types and lengths. 

Waves and curls:

Soft waves and curls are a romantic and feminine hairstyle choice for brides in Edinburgh. These styles can be achieved with a curling iron or hot rollers and can be left loose or incorporated into an updo. 

Modern twists:

Some bridal hair stylists in Edinburgh are opting for modern twists on classic hairstyles, such as adding braids or twists to a chignon or bun. These styles offer a fresh take on traditional bridal hairstyles. 


Edinburgh is still a leading centre for cutting-edge bridal fashion and beauty. There were 6,027 marriages in 2019 classified as “tourism” since neither spouse was a Scottish resident. Whether you prefer natural makeup looks, romantic hairstyles, or on-trend nails, there are numerous ways to express your individuality on your wedding day. The Bride Side presents the following review to help you begin curating the nuances that will allow your true beauty to shine through. We make sure you choose flattering styles and try them out with specialists so you can trust your eyesight. Have a wonderful, stress-free wedding in Edinburgh!

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