Your wedding is knocking at the door, and it is quite obvious to get overwhelmed now. A wedding is one of the most precious and memorable days in a person’s life. Naturally, you want to look the best on your special day. But how to ensure everything will be alright? Pre-planning is the answer. Just like you book your venue and catering prior, makeup trials are also equally important. 

During the pre-wedding trial, the bride can experiment with various hairstyles and makeup looks, ensuring she feels self-assured and looks attractive on her wedding day. It also provides an opportunity for the bride to establish a strong rapport with her bridal makeup artist and bridal hair stylist Edinburgh, ensuring a stress-free event. Keep reading to learn more!

Top 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials

As a bride, you’ll always strive to make everything perfect. But how can you ensure that? Planning is the answer. And when it comes to makeup and hair, the best bridal makeup artist Edinburgh suggests booking a trial before the big day. This ensures that you look picture-perfect and that your big day will be stress-free.

But how do you ensure that your pre-wedding makeup and hair trial is successful? How should you prepare for it? Here are some major tips for making the most out of your pre-wedding makeup and hair trial:

Check the Longevity of the Makeup

Schedule your hair and makeup trial on a day when you have an evening occasion or a dinner date. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to test it and request any necessary changes or additions. This will allow you to see how long the makeup lasts. You can also ensure that you are not facing any allergic reactions from the products used. It is one of the essential hacks you can use to get rid of any stress on your special day!

Pre-trial Prep. 

Before your trial, consult your bridal hair stylist Edinburgh and inform them of any special requests or considerations. Ensure your face is properly cleansed and moisturized before your appointment. Consider picking up a dress similar to your wedding dress, and plan your skincare treatments well in advance to allow time for the trial makeup to set.

Communication is key

A pre-wedding makeup and hair trial is never successful without effective communication. In addition to the makeup and bridal hair Edinburgh you want, you must let the makeup artist know about any allergies you have. Effective communication will establish mutual understanding between you and your stylist. If you have a friendly demeanor, the makeup artist will also feel free to offer opinions to help you look your best.

Share your Wedding Theme

Brief your makeup artist about your wedding theme so that your bridal look aligns with the overall theme. Communicate your theme, whether you’re opting for a vintage, romantic, bohemian, or modern style, and the stylist will tailor your wedding hair Edinburgh, and makeup accordingly. Discuss color schemes, style inspirations, and any unique elements of your theme you plan to incorporate into your outfit. Aligning your bridal beauty with the wedding theme creates a cohesive and fairytale-like appearance that complements the ambiance of your special event.

Search for Image References 

Be sure to bring along your ideas, mood boards, or Pinterest boards that inspired your hair and makeup choices to your appointment. Bring images showcasing your desired bridal hair Edinburgh, makeup looks, or general wedding designs that will help your stylist grasp your vision more clearly. 

Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Most brides get confused about what to ask the makeup artist about her special day. If you are someone facing the same problem, here are some of the questions for your reference:


Scheduling your trials on a day with other plans afterward lets you see how well your bridal look lasts. Testing makeup styles is just one part of the process; it’s also important to feel beautiful inside and out and effortlessly transition from daytime to night.

Experience bridal beauty at its finest with The Bride Side. Our team of experienced bridal makeup artists Edinburgh has the expertise to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your special day. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and embark on the journey towards your “bridal perfection”!

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