Makeup is not just about how it makes you look on the outside but is also about how it makes you feel on the inside. When you feel your most confident wearing the makeup look that you choose for your wedding, it enhances the entire wedding look. But with the convenience of the internet, it seems like every other person is a bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylist or is trying to be one.

With all these countless options available, it is important to follow some steps to navigate the selection process wisely so that you land up with the most genuine makeup artist that will help you feel your best on your wedding day.

Here is quick guide on how to choose your perfect bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh

Research for a Few Artists and Shortlist

Before anything else you need to get your research started on finding the best bridal makeup artist in Edinburgh. There are various methods to research and find the best artists for achieving the look that you desire for your special day.

Firstly read the testimonials and reviews on the bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylist in Edinburgh that you come across thoroughly to gain valuable insights into the artists work ethics and clients experiences.

Now there may be a ton of reviews out there that may or may not be genuine and therefore it is important to make sure that the reviews and testimonials that you are looking at are sourced from credible platforms and they should align with your expectations.

Once you get the research done on a few artists, start shortlisting the ones that sit best with your expectations and reach out to them for their portfolios. 

Scan the Artist’s Portfolio

When scanning a makeup artist’s portfolio, there are key elements to consider to ensure that you’re making an informed decision for your wedding day. It remains a fact that all of us have different preferences, different skin types and we may or may not have our own specific concerns, therefore it is must that the bridal makeup artist that you are looking at are versatile in their ability to cater to different preferences and skin types.

This will also give you an idea of the quality of work that they provide. When going through the artist’s portfolio on their work history, also look at the areas that they specialize in and then assess the overall impression that the portfolio establishes. Follow the similar scanning process for bridal hair stylists in Edinburgh for the best styles to match up with your bridal look.

Get All The Informations on the Kind of Products and Techniques They Use

This is the most crucial step of all as this will determine if the techniques and products used by the bridal makeup artists and wedding hair stylists are compatible with your skin type, hair type, concerns and look preferences.

Start by researching the products and techniques that the artists have mentioned in their portfolio and always consider getting on a one on one call with them asking about the details on foundations, concealers, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and haircare products to name a few.

Additionally, seek information about the techniques employed by the artists. Discuss aspects such as skin care prep, hair care prep, color matching, contouring, highlighting and setting techniques. One best way to understand this wholly is to book a trial before the actual day with the bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylist in Edinburgh.

Get a Trial Run

A trial run before the actual day will help you alot with time management and even keep you stress free on the actual day. A trail provides an opportunity to collaborate with the bridal makeup artists and wedding hair stylists to communicate your preferences, and fine-tune the desired look.

It will also help you break the ice with the artists so you could freely communicate about your aspirations for a desired look. It is always a good idea to bring inspiration photos, swatches of your wedding fabric, wedding hairstyles to give your artists an idea about look.

A trail run should also give you an idea about how the makeup wears throughout the day and how it looks under different lighting for photographs. 

Stay Well Informed on the Pricing, Timing and Logistics

Staying informed on the pricing, timing, and logistics is essential for a smooth and stress-free bridal makeup experience. Begin by discussing pricing with the makeup artists upfront to ensure transparency. While discussing the pricings, also make sure that you ask them about any hidden charges for multiple services.

Secondly, coordinate with the makeup artist to secure the time and date that work for both the parties, allowing ample time for the trial run and any necessary adjustments that needs to be catered to before the wedding day.

Logistics such as location, parking, and  setup requirements should also be clarified in advance. ensure that the makeup artist has all the necessary information regarding the wedding venue and any special considerations accordingly. 

Clearly State Your Aspirations And Skin Concerns

Let your bridal makeup artists know about your skin concerns beforehand in order to avoid any friction and mishaps. You may have acne, dryness and allergies to certain ingredients and you need to be upfront about what works for you even when the makeup artist tries to pursue you otherwise.

Instead of insisting that there is only one way to do a certain thing, the makeup artists need to understand that when there are concerns they need to cater them by tailoring their approach to meet the client’s needs and preferences. 

Wrapping up,

Selecting the perfect bridal makeup artist and wedding hair stylists in Edinburgh involves careful consideration of various factors. Researching testimonials and reviews provides valuable insights into the artist’s past works while scanning their portfolios help you gauge the technicalities and products used that help you make a well informed decision for your wedding.

Scheduling a trial run after all the researching finally helps to have that one on one experience with the makeup artist and the wedding hairstylist before the actual wedding day and gives an opportunity for any required adjustments.

Finally, staying informed on the pricing, timings, dates, logistics ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for a special day and a special look. 

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